Bike Ride around Lake Estes, Rocky Mountain NP

Gentle, easy 3.8 mile ride or hike around Lake Estes, ending near ice cream

The last post I wrote was about climbing Bear Creek Spire, a difficult technical climb, so I thought I better balance that with a nice easy bike ride suitable for young kids or older folks. Or you may want to do this on a “rest day” after doing an adventure in RMNP. Plus, if you are at all interested in working on your mountain bike skills there is a bike park at the High School part way around the lake. Use Google maps to find it – it is an easy turnoff from the bike trail. The nicest feature are two drop-offs for practicing that technique without having to worry about hitting trees, etc.

Lake Estes, just outside RMNP

There are two strategies for riding the loop. Park at the visitor center near the west end of the lake and then you’ll be near downtown at the end so you can walk around there, which is pretty fun. Or if you need to rent bikes you can start at the east end where there are several bike rental shops (and boat rentals).

The bike park. This is the tall drop off with my bike sitting there. Try as I might, I couldn’t get myself to launch off of it.

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