Bush Plane Camping at Glacier National Park

Camp, hike and fish at this remote airstrip/campground near Glacier National Park

Schafer Meadows is a beautiful meadow with a campground and small ranger outpost station in a stunning wilderness setting. There is no vehicle access and most visitors are either on foot with mule support or flown in. It is in the Great Bear Wilderness area right outside Glacier National Park which normally means no motorized anything but the airstrip and traditional use of aircraft is grandfathered in.

The ranger allows the stock animals to graze on the airstrip at night

During our stay we hiked up Schafer creek towards the high country but there are plenty of other trails in the area. We didn’t see anyone, else but the airstrip and campground is used for rafters and fishermen that come in to enjoy the Middle Fork of the Flathead River. It was a jarring juxtaposition with having been in Glacier National Park just prior with thousands of people on the roads and hundreds on the trails.

We ran into one bear that bolted from the bushes and ran away

I flew my own plane in with my family onboard, but if you watch the video below you’ll probably prefer to use the charter service available out of Kalispell airport, Red Eagle Aviation / Montana Air Adventures. These guys fly often into Schafer and other backcountry airstrips and can pack you and your camping gear into Schafer.

From the hike
Oh boy, this was exciting!
The campground is in the trees behind the tail

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