Climbing Tenaya Peak, Yosemite NP

One of the Best Easy Multi-pitch Rock Climbs for Adventurous Kids

This is a 14 pitch 5.5 rock climb situated high above Tuolumne Meadows in Yosemite. Serious? Yes. Tremendously fun? Absolutely.

Location: Above Tenaya Lake in Tuolumne Meadows

If you climb rocks and you have budding rock climbers for kids, this is the real deal. Long but not super steep and plenty of foot and handholds. It is rated 5.5 but really only in a few places on the upper pitches. The first 10 pitches are low fifth and even being conservative with the kids we didn’t rope up for a few pitches.

It is long so Betsy and I focused on keeping things moving. Fortunately there is enough room on the rock for “multiple lanes” of routes, so we kept everyone climbing as much as possible. This also means faster climbers can pass you up without hassle.

In addition to doing this with the kids Betsy and I have climbed this without ropes or protection and many climbers do, so you’ll likely see free soloists passing your party.

Looking up at the ever-steepening Tenaya Peak

Obviously you need to have your own equipment (no one rents this stuff) and know how to use it. There are some route-finding difficulties on the last two pitches so research the route and read up. We use mountainproject.com for most information.

Be aware it is long and with kids it means you’ll be belaying most if not all pitches which slows you down. Start early and keep moving. If you are a climber that takes 15 minutes to set up a belay then you may not want to do this.

Tenaya Peak is incredibly fun featuring that perfect Tuolumne granite. Start early enough you’ll still have time for ice cream and french fries at the store.

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