EBike / Lodge Two Day Journey between Bend & Sisters, OR

Peddle a spectacular 25 mile journey from Bend Oregon on an old railroad grade to Sisters to recharge.

There just are not many ebike rides that work out like this so you can have a great ride, of just the right length, through beautiful terrain and end up at a place with nice lodging so you can recharge your bikes and your family before heading back the next day. Plus there are ebike rental shops in Bend. Perfect.

This is an epic family ride!

It is also convenient that there is an old gravel logging road, the Brooks Scanlon logging road, that takes you there. Unlike a lot of places, ebikes are not currently allowed on the single-track trails in Bend, so the existence of the logging road is serendipitous. I’ll have to admit though, that we couldn’t help it and got on the Petersen Ridge Trail singletrack for the last 5 miles or so into Sisters as it meant we didn’t have to ride a few miles on a paved road into Sisters. We just made sure we got off the trail when we saw someone coming so we didn’t cause any conflict.

We played around a bit so our odometer showed almost 35 miles, but Google shows 27 miles if you stay on the road. Even at 35 miles there is very little elevation gain or ups and downs so the battery still had plenty left. I mainly used “Tour” mode, or #2 out of 4 modes, 4 being Turbo mode. Um – remember to ask the rental shop for a charger to bring with you!! Because there definitely wasn’t enough battery to get back.

Start of the ebike ride. We just parked near the REI store and rode from there.

Its a truly great adventure ride though the road is a little rough at times. You ride through a burn area, but it has been long enough that it actually is very nice and open with great views to the Sisters and Broken Top. There are a few twists and turns near Bend to get onto the Brooks Scanlon Rd (also marked as B. S. Logging Road on Google Maps) so just use Google or other online maps to direct you.

Sisters has many lodging options and if things are full try AirBnB or VRBO for private listings. I haven’t stayed there by the FivePines Resort in Sisters was recommended and even has a small movie house as well as a spa and brew pub. I’ve done this type of bike/lodging several times and just a few toiletry items and a few clothing items in a backpack, plus a credit card is really all you need for one night.

This kind of looks like the same photo as previous, but it is actually a different volcano

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