The Best Ebike Ride East Side of the Sierras

An eMTB bike ride near Bridgeport, California best done in spring or fall

Location: Green Creek Road, Bridgeport, CA

Ebikes are known to be the “great equalizer” in allowing kids, old folks or whoever to bump up the power and keep up with the more aggressive riders. Which means for a family they are ideal. Expensive, but ideal.

This trip is the perfect example. It climbs over 3,000 feet from the point where you park to the 11,200 foot summit. On normal bikes – well on normal bikes everyone has a tough time because it’s just plain tough. With eBikes it certainly takes the edge off, and for kids they can  turn up the power to help them keep up.

The best time for this ride is either the  spring to catch the green meadows and attempt to catch the wildflowers or the Fall to attempt to hit the fall colors. Our trip was mid-October and it was perfect.

Take Green Creek Road west from Highway 395 just south of Bridgeport California. It’s a fairly well graded gravel road, though it is gravel so dust and washboards are to be expected.  Turn right on Upper Summer Meadows road in a few miles and don’t worry that it seems like the middle of nowhere with hardly a tree in sight. It gets better. Much better.

The road takes you through spectacular scenery and when you arrive at a large turnout on the left the road suddenly turns to a rough 4×4 only road. Or eBikes. Mountain eBikes preferably.

The road doesn’t go to the top, but we actually kept riding over the low sagebrush in TURBO mode for awhile. Not really recommended for the health of your eBike, but fun. I think we had another 500 vertical feet to hike to summit so not too bad. Actually, the views are killer from te road so you really don’t need to go to the summit. Except summits do matter so you really do.

Things to know

  • Unfortunately, if you don’t have an eBike, the nearest rentals are in Mammoth Lakes or Reno.
  • Keep in mind eBikes are heavy (ours are 52 lbs), so flimsy bike racks will not work
  • We had plenty of battery for this ride and even rode out on a side road for photos, but we did not use Turbo mode on the way up (we used #2 Tour mode).
  • Please note even with eBikes this is a challenging ride with a lot of vertical. But the views!

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