Hiking Angel’s Landing, Zion

Simply one of the very best day hikes in the world.

There are some adventures that are so great and iconic that you have to do them, no matter how crowded it can get. Angel’s Landing in Zion National Park is one of them. It is consistently listed as one of the top day hikes in the world, and on my list it is number two (Half Dome is number one for me).

To do Angel’s Landing right is to do it without the crowds, and that doesn’t mean you have to do it in February either. A consistent rule in doing any classic is “Everyone does the same thing, at the same time, between meals”. The key to not fighting someone over the coveted chain/handrail across “the spine” is to go when others are sleeping or eating.

Which to really do it right is this: find out when the shuttle bus starts running and rent an ebike to get to Angel’s Landing 30 minutes to an hour prior to the first bus. You’ll love it! The second option is to be on that first bus, but plan getting in line. The third option (in the summer daylight) is to go during dinnertime starting about 5:00. We did this one time and it worked out really well. Yep, we missed dinner so you want to bring some food with you.

It is safer too to be able to negotiate the steps and chains without having to worry about stepping around someone or having someone cut you off.

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