Biking the Hoodoos of Thunder Mountain, UT

It’s like mountain biking through Bryce Canyon National Park, if that were allowed

Not actually in the national park (biking off the paved trails there is not legal), this ride is close to the park and meanders through pine forests then whips around real hoodoos (sandstone towers) before taking a wild descent. It is a bit of a climb, but oh so worth it.

Betsy on “the ridge”. Not as thin as it looks
Betsy and Ney-J wind through some hoodoos

Thunder Mountain tops my list of all time favorite mountain bike rides. I liked it so much that after I did it with my family, I flew out in my small plane with a friend and we rode our bikes from the Bryce airport just to do this ride.

You can do this as a loop in which case you ride on the bike path along highway 12, or you can shuttle past the road part.

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