Climbing Slick Rock, Lake Tahoe

Climb at family friendly, under-the-radar Slick Rock Dome

Slick Rock is a moderately steep dome out-of-sight, out-of-mind that offers moderate and easy rock climbing. There is some good top roping at the 5.5-5.9 level. The only negative is that it gets hot, so middle-of-the-summer, middle-of-the-day is not a good idea. Other times are great.

I made sure the climbs are up on Mountain Project so you can get climb information there. Enough people do it that the trail in is pretty well beaten in now so it is difficult to get lost. But still not enough people that would cause you to wait in line for anything and usually you’ll be the only ones there (and it’s a surprisingly big dome).

For the full story of rediscovering and rebolting Slick Rock, you can Google “Ney Grant Slick Rock” and read about it.

The short story is this:

  • We climbed there once with our kids and found a heinous bushwack and rusty 1/4″ bolts
  • But I have an airplane in Placerville and often I would find myself looking down at the dome – “there should be good climbing there!”
  • We bushwacked to the top, rapped down and liked what we saw
  • We spent two years rebolting, cutting brush and putting up new climbs
  • Enjoy!
Doesn’t really work as jewelry

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