Easy Scramble Up Sunset Rock, Grand Canyon

Best time to scramble up this dome of broken rock near Lee’s Ferry in Marble Canyon? Sunset!

This is a quick and easy scramble up a loose rock pile called Sunset Rock. The route is easy to see in the B&W photo – it is the ridge just ahead of the hiker (my wife). You don’t hike up to where she is, you just head for Sunset Rock from the parking lot. It is the large dome rock pile south of the road, between Cathedral Wash and Cathedral Rock, the large butte. Start up a small dry wash and after a rain it will seem like no one has ever hiked here before. Stay in the wash as long as you can because the soil out on the desert floor is very sensitive. When appropriate just head for the ridge and snake your way to the top. It is a little steep but not exposed or dangerous.

Sunset on Sunset Rock? Glorious!

(And after? We headed to dinner at the Cliff Dweller’s Lodge and was impressed)

Sunset Rock from the flank of Cathedral Rock
Somebody challenged me on this aerial shot. It is taken at over 8,000 feet, which is
above the prohibited airspace in this part of the Grand Canyon. No, I didn’t break any laws with this.

By the way, you don’t want to hike Cathedral Rock. It is listed on alltrails.com and maybe other sites, but it is not a thing. We tried it and we free-solo rock climb up to 5.7 and we wouldn’t do this. Somebody’s done it and good for them, but we followed their GPS track and they executed a sketchy move on extremely loose rock where a fall has severe consequences. Kind of humorous because some folks on Alltrails have said they did it and “Great views”, etc. No way more than one or two people did this. So it seems many of the “I did this and it was great” posts are not true. Maybe not a surprise.

Cathedral Rock. Purported non-route goes up far right
I don’t do many selfies, but sunset on Sunset Rock with Betsy? Well it seemed like a good idea

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