eBike Lodge Trip, The Tetons

Ebike on THE most scenic bike trail to Jenney Lake, recharge your bikes and yourselves, then ride back to Jackson the next day

A smoky Grand Teton scene

The bike trail from Jackson to Jenny Lake is absolutely gorgeous. Stunning. However it is a bit long for many families at around 25 miles. Ebikes, as you may have read from my other posts, is the great equalizer for a family riding together. Everyone can peddle and each person can add as much assistance as they like to keep up.

So the adventure is to start in Jackson (there are plenty of bike rental places), ride to Jenny Lake and stay the night there. There is only one lodge and one campground so you do need to plan ahead on this one. I did stop by the bathroom in the campground to ensure there are electrical outlets there, because that would be quite disappointing. Also – remember to bring chargers with you!

Family on the bike path

On the way back I took the Moose Wilson Road. It is gravel at times but most drivers are tourists driving slow so I never felt threatened by the car traffic. I would recommend it as it has more of a likelihood of running into wildlife.

At one point there was a traffic backup so I just road past the cars to the front of the line. Where there was a bear feeding on what looked like Alder berries. I was on one side of a car and he was on the other. Ooops, I’m probably not supposed to get that close. Good thing for Turbo mode on the ebike!

Yaaa for Turbo Mode!

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