Ebiking Bodie the Ghost Town

Taking the backway into Bodie from Mono Lake up the rough Cottonwood Canyon Rd.

We biked into Bodie many years ago in the summer with our kids and it was kind of hot and miserable. Not one of our best trips with the kids. This time we did it on ebikes and in December. Definitely wasn’t hot, in fact I froze on the ride back out, but mainly because we liked Bodie so much we stayed until 4:00 pm and by the time were riding down the canyon it was well below freezing.

You may want to pick some time in the spring or fall.

Road to Bodie is a few miles down this road (on the left)

We biked in the back way which is pretty fun with incredibly scenic views of Mono Lake and eastern Sierra. Look for Cottonwood Canyon road on your mapping app and it snakes it’s way up and over to Bodie, about 10 miles away.

At 10 miles each way you really don’t need an ebike, but it makes it fun! Plus Bodie is much larger than I remember it. There is a cemetery up on a hill and some cool buildings up another hill, which is a piece of cake with the ebikes. The ranger said that bikes are legal on the roads, but don’t ride right up to the buildings. Very reasonable.

Mono Lake from Cottonwood Canyon Road

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