Hike/Scramble to the Top of Tuolumne Meadows’ Lembert Dome

Scramble up onto some of the world famous Yosemite granite, with great views of Tuolumne Meadows

Lembert Dome is a scramble, no doubt, but it is a safe scramble. In addition, it eases into a scramble by starting as a trail, then a long granite ramp, then a bit steeper and steeper until you are at the top. Not feeling it?  You can turn around or stop, sit down, and wait for the group to finish. This is the granite that climbers come from all over the world to climb. Notice the knobs, flakes and crystals in the beautiful clean granite. Imagine tilting that up to 60 or 70 degrees. You could probably hang on, for a few seconds at least, if you had a rope, if your life depended on it.

I brought my Kindle, read and took a nap

You can easily pick the length of the adventure. Park at Dog Lake parking lot and it is just over one mile to the top (Albeit a very long mile). Or park at the Lembert Dome parking lot and take the trail (across highway 120) to the Dog Lake Parking lot and that adds two miles. Or you can park in either place and make it a loop around Lembert and even hike to Dog Lake. This makes it about a five mile hike.

Kids seven and even younger do this scramble. It is a bit steep near the top, so feel free to take your time and use hands as well as feet.

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