Hiking Slick Rock Dome, Lake Tahoe

Under-the-radar adventure hike to the top of semi-secret granite dome near Lake Tahoe

This adventure is kind of fun to add to the list, because it’s my trail. Well, not exactly as others helped put it in (like my Wife and Ron Vardenega), but we did the entire thing. It is more of a climber’s trail actually, but the trail does a great job of leading you to the dome and then you can easily scramble up the left side of it to the top.

I put all the details on the app hikingproject.com but it isn’t that difficult. Drive to the end of Pickett Pen Road (where it crosses the creek), off of Ice House Road, off of Highway 50. Walk down the old road and it will turn into a trail with lots of rock cairns. Follow the cairns down, across a small creek and then it traverses in the woods to a dry wash. Follow more cairns up the wash and the dome will finally fully come into view. The trail gets a little “scrambly” but it is a trail so no need to bushwack to get to the dome. Once at the dome we cleared a trail along the base so you can go up the left side. Continue up until you can turn right up to the summit.

It is about 2 miles to the summit but it is a long two miles. You can also continue on a faint trail east, then head downhill to the left to a wildflower meadow. If you continue too far east you end up at a private ranch on Pearl Lake. I’ve run into the caretaker out hiking and he was quite nice.

For some history of the trail and rock climbing routes, you can google “Ney Grant slick rock” and you’ll get trip reports and other information.

Slick Rock from Big Hill Lookout

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