Monument Valley Navajo Tour

Navajo tour and hike on reservation land near Monument Valley


We flew into Gouldings and I proceeding to get my plane stuck in the sand. I had pulled off the small paved parking area to turn around and my wheels just sunk in the sand. Unable to move it, I left it there for a couple of days sitting alone and forlorn at a weird angle. I finally borrowed a shovel from someone and dug some sand “ramps” and was able (with full power) to get my plane back.

While there, Goulding’s resort had a host of different tours and we choose a Navajo tour that went into closed Navajo land. Wow, it was spectacular and the guide went out of his way to let us hike around (as long as we didn’t actually touch the ruins).

This was the highlight, and the guide used a drum that reverberated off the walls. Magical!

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