Under-the-Radar Zion Hike: Eagle Crags

In the time of COVID or just to get away from the Zion crowds, this trail is typically uncrowded and beautiful

Zion National Park as you’ve rarely seen it.⁠

This is a great Zion hike in the time of COVID, or just to get away from the crowds. Like many, we didn’t want to ride the shuttle because of COVID and had a great time biking into Zion. But you can only bike into Zion so many days in a row.⁠

So we went across the valley and up the other side. Not in the park, but a beautiful view of the park on the Eagle Crags trail. If you are into climbing/scrambling, and we are, then you can leave the trail near the top and scramble up into the Eagle Crags pinnacles above.⁠

Eagle Crags from Springdale

The trail is about 7 miles roundtrip and just ends, which surprised us, but now it will not surprise you. Google maps has the Eagle Crag Trailhead in it, and know that it is a formal trailhead with parking, signs and a restroom. The locals have put up signs that infer that it is private property but it is not.⁠

Also, the road is rough, high clearance recommended, and the trail is exposed and hot. We did it in November so not a problem but in the summer you’ll want to do it early or late. It is certainly under-the-radar though – Zion was packed the previous day but the day we did this there were three cars in parking lot.⁠

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