Whitewater on the Rogue River, OR

One of the best family rivers in the US, this multiday trip creates some unforgettable memories

Multi-day whitewater river trips are among the best family adventures, in my opinion. They can be easy for younger kids or older folks who just have to hang on in an guide-driven oar boat, or older kids can participate with a passenger driven paddle boat, or family members can really get soaked under their own power in an inflatable kayak.

The Rogue is among the very best trips. Warm water, beaches, bears, otters, jumping-off-rocks, thrilling but safe whitewater. A bit of everything.

Moonrise over camp

Our daughter spent her undergraduate years in college as a raft guide and this was also one of her favorite rivers. Just plain fun (well, guiding is a lot of work too) and she always enjoyed the excitement and joy the trip brought to kids and families.

Which also means I’m biased on which company to use. ARTA river trips (@artarivertrips) is a non-profit river outfitter that does a great job. I’ve been on many trips with them and, if they see this, I love the freshly fried tortilla chips and hand-made guacamole the best!

Blossom Bar, by far the hardest rapid. Often guests will walk around it
Funny shirt night
Inflatable Kayaks AKA IKs

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