Zebra Slot Canyon

One of the prettiest slot canyons in world, and also very accessible

I love Zebra canyon, and I am especially enamored with the mystical and spherical “Moki balls” that are embedded in the walls. Very cool. It is also good they are embedded in the walls because I visited Zebra years ago and they were littered on the ground, but are now scarce.

It is interesting in that I’ve been there twice and I swear the first time there was not a problem getting “into” the most beautiful part of the canyon. Sure it was tight, but not that tight. Yet the second time I took a friend, who will remain unnamed, and he just plain didn’t fit. So be warned that if you are little big in the tummy Zebra might be a bit of a squeeze. I’d post a photo I have of that tummy squeeze but that just wouldn’t be fair to my friend. You will not get stuck for long though- there are flash floods that occasionally rip by and they will surely free you up.

Also note that this is only seven miles down Hole-in-the-Rock road (most canyons are much further down), so if you are in a rental car that prohibits driving on such a road, well you might just go very slowly and hope you don’t break anything. There are a lot of easily found websites that show you how to get to the slot canyon, which isn’t hard.

My first trip to this canyon was during a cold winter and I flew my plane into Escalante airport and then rode my bike out alone. For one, it was no fun riding out on this rough and sandy road with a pack on. Two, my sleeping pad got a hole in it and I absolutely froze all night until the sun finally heated my bones. So I was really happy to finally get into the canyon after a tough journey.

The hike is about 1.5 to 2 miles which doesn’t sound far but for the sand and sun. Both can really slow you down so be forewarned. Wear good shoes, empty of them of sand occasionally, wear a hat, bring water, etc. And if it looks rainy? Not a good idea.

Peek-a-boo and Spooky canyons are also family-friendly, but not quite as friendly. They involve a shorter hike but a longer drive and both have short technical sections that if boofed could involve a fall. Zebra is easy as long as you are thin enough fit. For more information read my write-up on Peek-a-boo.

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