Backpacking Harris Wash

A canyon backpack with fun water-hiking, lush alcoves and interesting side canyons.

Most people (I kinda do) think of backpacking in alpine forests and lakes surrounded by granite so it can be refreshing and different to hike through beautiful red sandstone canyons and camp next to a cold swimming hole in 100 degree heat.  Harris Wash is accessed down Hole-in-the-Rock road from Escalante. There are shuttle services in town if you don’t want to beat your car up.

Ande, Bodie and Betsy

I would not recommend this for younger kids as it can be challenging with a sandy trail, possible hot weather and maybe not the appreciation for massive red rock walls that older kids and adults have. Once you are in the wash the progress may be slow but the hiking is very pleasant and you can hike in the water, explore a side canyon or relax in the shade.

This could be taken in the Pacific Northwest!
Traffic jam. Actually there were very few hikers in the canyon.

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